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Brad Avakian: Oregon's Labor Commissioner

Good Governance: The Responsibility of Every Secretary of State

For Oregon to compete in the 21st century, the Secretary of State must lead the way in good governance. The Secretary of State’s office can be used to hold corporations accountable for abuses, and reward businesses who are playing by the rules. The office is also responsible for making state information accessible, and allowing the public to benefit from the wealth of knowledge stored in the State Archives.

Brad Avakian has a proven record of increasing accountability and transparency that he will build upon as Secretary of State. As Labor Commissioner, Brad Avakian has held corporations and state agencies accountable for abusive labor practices, discrimination, and fraud. As Secretary of State, Avakian will make Oregon a national model for good governance.

The Avakian Plan: Hold Corporations Accountable Through Audits

Use the audits division of the Secretary of State’s office to review the policies of corporations that do business with the state. These audits will ensure contractors are paying the minimum wage, prevailing wage, and following equal pay and other employment laws. This will create a level playing field for businesses that play by the rules while preventing others from winning bids by short-changing their workers.

The Avakian Plan: Reward Businesses for Best Practices

Create a certification program for corporations implementing policies that follow certain best practices. These certifications will include recognition for businesses that ensure equal pay policies and eliminate the motherhood penalty in the career paths of employees. They will also certify businesses that offer training programs for employees, go above and beyond in workplace safety, and ensure fair pay for an honest day’s work. Businesses can use these certifications to attract candidates for job openings, advertise to their customers, and in seeking state contracts.

The Avakian Plan: Increase Government Transparency and Ease Access to Information

Modernize the collection of historical documents and data to bring the state’s archives into the digital era. Avakian will transform these records into digital files, accessible from anywhere, including Oregon’s public schools, to ensure the information is accessible to those who need it. Avakian will also create a depository for counties and municipalities to deposit their historical archives with the Secretary of State’s archives for safe keeping and digitization.

The Archives Division is also the depository for records that the media and public sometimes use for access to agency information. Avakian will implement best practices for quick and affordable information.

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