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Brad Avakian: Oregon's Labor Commissioner

Give Every Oregonian A Voice In Our Elections

Participation in our democracy is a fundamental civil right of every Oregonian. The state has a responsibility to make voting accessible to citizens regardless of their socio-economic status.

Brad Avakian has a proven record of fighting to protect every Oregonian’s voice in our democracy. As Labor Commissioner, Avakian has protected our imitative system by investigating cases of signature gathering firms paying on a per-signature basis. As a Legislator, Brad Avakian supported fusion voting to allow minor parties to have a voice in Oregon elections.

As Secretary of State, Avakian will propose reforms of Oregon’s campaign finance system and fight to ensure every Oregonian has a voice in our electoral system.

The Avakian Plan: Campaign Finance Reform

Partner with the legislature to pass meaningful campaign finance limits to reduce the influence of corporate money in Oregon elections. Citizens United is a wrong, it will be overturned, and it should be an Oregon case that does it.

Expand the disclosure requirements to require political advertising to identify who paid for the material.

Create a public financing program to give everyone an opportunity to run for public office.

The Avakian Plan: Expand Motor Voter & Ease Administrative Functions

Expand Oregon’s Motor Voter program to include other interactions with state agencies beyond drivers licensing. This will include filing for unemployment, paying taxes and registering for hunting and fishing licenses. Create an online process to sign SEL statements and other routine forms associated with campaigns and elections.

Crack down on signature gathering firms not playing by the rules, paying on a per-signature basis and fraudulently filing petitions.

The Avakian Plan: Improve Access To Voting

Provide pre-paid postage on all ballots and allow same day voter registration.

Make ballots, the voters pamphlet, and other state forms available in multiple languages to make it easier for every Oregonian to register to vote, form a business and prosper.

Partner with US Citizenship and Immigration Services to ensure new citizens are registered to vote and included the Oregon electoral process from the day they are sworn in.

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