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Brad Avakian: Oregon's Labor Commissioner

Avakian Proposes Using State Lands Board To Protect Environment, Promote Green Infrastructure

PORTLAND – Today, Brad Avakian, the state’s Labor Commissioner and Democratic candidate for Secretary of State, presented his plan to use the State Land Board to preserve Oregon’s natural beauty, promote green energy infrastructure and create jobs.

The Secretary of State is one of three votes on the State Land Board along with the Governor and State Treasurer. This board is charged with managing state owned lands and Oregon’s Common School Fund, a trust for the state’s public K-12 schools.

Avakian proposed using the Board to take a pro-active approach to bringing green energy jobs to Oregon and committed to using the Secretary of State’s office to preserve Oregon’s natural legacy for future generations.

“Oregon should be a global leader in fighting climate change and promoting conservation,” Avakian said. “We should be investing in clean energy programs such as geothermal energy in Central Oregon and wind and solar energy in Eastern Oregon.”

This proposal comes weeks after Avakian earned the exclusive endorsement of the Oregon Chapter of the Sierra Club.

The Sierra Club praised Avakian’s proposal and reaffirmed their support of his campaign.

“Brad Avakian is the only candidate for Secretary of State who has proposed real solutions to combating climate change,” said Amanda Caffall, Oregon Chapter Chair of the Sierra Club. “Oregonians can count on Brad Avakian to stand up for our environment.”

Posted on April 22, 2016 in press releases.

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