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Brad Avakian: Oregon's Labor Commissioner

Avakian Proposes Oregon Youth Vote and Return of Civics Education

Today, Brad Avakian, the state’s Labor Commissioner and Democratic candidate for Secretary of State, proposed the creation of the Oregon Youth Vote, and called for a renewed commitment to civics education as part of the public school curriculum.

Avakian will provide ballots for every high school student as part of a new Youth Vote initiative. This is designed to teach students the process and importance of civic engagement and participation.

Avakian also called for the return of civics education to the school curriculum. Avakian will partner with teachers and parents to make modern civics education a required part of the public education system.

“This will give students the knowledge and skills they need to meaningfully participate in our democracy” Avakian said. “Our children need to understand the importance of civic participation, the value of voting, and the history of our state and nation.”

The Oregon Youth Vote will distribute and collect special ballots through public and private school systems and allow students to cast a vote in every election. While these votes will not count towards the official results, once the official results are certified, the Oregon Youth Vote ballots will be tallied to show how Oregon’s young people viewed the candidates and issues.

Avakian will bring elected officials and public servants into the school systems to give students an opportunity to learn about their government from those leading it. Avakian will visit high school classes in his first weeks in office to work with students on creating the Oregon Youth Vote and other initiatives aimed at increasing participation in the electoral process.

Read more about Brad's plan.

Posted on March 1, 2016 in press releases.

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