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Brad Avakian: Oregon's Labor Commissioner


We've got some work to do.

Recently, Oregon legislators returned to Salem for this year's legislative session. This is our opportunity to make life better for Oregonians and defend workerprotections from anti-labor attacks. There's a lot at stake here:

First and foremost, no one should work full time and live in poverty. It’s time to raise the minimum wage for Oregonians. Whatever the number is, we have to be vigilant and ensure no one gets left behind. A minimum wage is the minimum wage.

We must defend worker protections from anti-labor attacks. Last year, we successfully fought to allow Oregon workers to earn paid sick leave, allowing them to prioritize their health and care for their loved ones when they are ill. Big corporations are already plotting to chip away at these protections, and I'll do everything I can to make sure that they don't get their way.

Workers are entitled to every dollar they've earned – and employers who violate their rights should be held accountable. That's why it's crucial that we increase funding to investigate wage and hour violations and enforce the law when workers are mistreated. We must be more proactive in protecting workers from unfair practices.

Together, we can fight for these priorities and ensure no one chips away at the progress we've made so far.


Posted on February 14, 2016.

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