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Brad Avakian: Oregon's Labor Commissioner

Oregon will lead the nation in good governance

Today, Brad Avakian, the state’s Labor Commissioner and Democratic candidate for Secretary of State, announced his plan to make Oregon a national leader in good governance.

Avakian laid out his plan for monitoring corporations, increasing transparency, and expanding access to public records.

“Oregon should be a national leader in good governance and transparency” Avakian said. “With these measures, we can be an example the rest of the country can follow.”

Avakian’s plan calls for using the Secretary of State’s Audits Division to hold corporations accountable. Auditing companies doing business with the state, Avakian will ensure employment laws and accounting rules are being followed, saving the state money and protecting workers. The Avakian plan will also recognize businesses following best practices through a voluntary certification program as part of their registration with the Corporations Division.

Finally, Avakian will make the state’s archives more accessible to Oregonians by transforming the entirety of the state’s historical data into electronic format, making it readily accessible to Oregon students and others who need it. Local governments, community organizations, and Oregon families can also submit historical documents for inclusion in the archives to be preserved and included in the electronic archives.

Posted on February 11, 2016 in press releases.

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